Victoria Yagmourian

My experience with Lakewood Dental Care was wonderful. I absolutely love Dr. Cuasay and Dr. Mercado! They are great dentists and they made me feel at home. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. They don’t make you feel as a patient but instead as a member of their family. If you are looking for a dentist to erase your traumatic dental experience, I highly recommend Lakewood Dental Care for all your dental needs.

Eilani D

Looking for a friendly dental care provider who can offer you English, Spanish and Tagalog? Then look no further! This dental office run by Dr.Cuasay and her staff is one of a kind! I’ve enjoyed being a patient for years. Their hospitality, and sincerity to each of their patients is genuinely a breath of fresh air. This personable staff is accommodating, encouraging, and knowledgeable in how to provide the best care for all your oral hygiene needs!